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 Bujins Tier 0

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PostSubject: Bujins Tier 0   Sat Mar 22, 2014 7:14 pm

Now, I believe if any of you have played enough game in rated, you have come across the Bujin archetype. This archetype mainly centers around summon Bujin Yamato, and playing a game of "protect the castle".  Through his effect, they are able to add Bujingi Crane to their hand (the bujin honest), and send Bunjingi Turtle/Hare to the graveyard (the bujin forbidden lances).
New support is coming out for the Bujins in the next set, Primal Origins.  This includes card such as Bujin Hirume, which provides easy access to a rank 4 xyz, by banishing a monster, and could work with great synergy with Bujin Arasuda, which is special summoned when a Bujin is banished.  This combo, provided any other level 4 monster is on the field could provide access to their other new monster, an xyz called "Bujin Ametrasu". This monster takes 3 level 4 monsters, a generic xyz that all decks could use, which shares the same effect as Leviair, but it could also add the banished monster to the hand if you please.  This could work great for synchro/xyz plays, or to recycle an effect veiler that you used to special summon a monster such as Chaos sorcerer, or BLS.
Now moving on to how to defeat Bujins, and how to stun their play-style.
As previously mentioned, Bujins have a "protect the castle" play-style.  THey will summon "Bujin Yamato" and use all the resources possible to protect him.  As soon as Yamato is summoned, you will want to use any trap cards at your disposal such as bottomless trap hole, and solemn warning, to prevent it from remaining on the field.  If those are not available, you will want to use fiendish chain, to prevent it from using it's effect, since Effect Veiler will not work on Yamato, this will prevent the resources from being sent to the graveyard/hand. Although be careful, for many players run little to no traps, but have 3 copies of Royal Decree for moments like these, so save your backrow removal.
One other spell you're going to want to save backrow removal for is Kaiser Colosseum. Bujin players are able to just sit on Yamato the whole duel, since it can be protected by all the Bujingi monsters, along with spells/traps.  This "stun Bujin" play-style will prevent you from swarming the field, since you will only be allowed to control one monster on the field, and there is a select few monster cards that could get over Yamato.  
It's very hard to win the first game out of three against Bujins, but I believe all players should have a die deck prepared for them. Imperial Iron walls help, since the cards in graveyard have to be banished to use their effects.  All Bujin monsters are light, so light-imprisoning  mirror is also a card that you should have 2 of in your side deck.  Extra backrow removal such as twister/dust tornado would not hurt to get rid of the Royal Decree's and Kaiser Collosseum's that are preventing your plays.  
Since Bujins won first place at ARG Las Vegas, I believe they will be far more prevalent in the upcoming formats.  I hope I was able to shed some light on the topic, and allow us players a chance against this Overpowered tier 1 deck.
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PostSubject: Re: Bujins Tier 0   Sat Mar 22, 2014 7:59 pm

Tier None / rip
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Bujins Tier 0
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