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 My Song Bout Love

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PostSubject: My Song Bout Love   Sat Mar 15, 2014 7:51 pm

Hi in school, I am one of those smart kids who finish quick. I wrote a song after finishing a math test early here it is. It is about a girl I broke up with. This is some random page from it. ask for more if you want.

My head seems clogged up, I don't know but it seems bout to blow up.
I know we're through,
guess it never got through,
but sadly I know it got to you.

My buds say I'm in over my head,
that I need to get you outta my head
then again its always harder than said,
when you try to get an angel outta your head.

I know what we coulda been,
if I wasn't such a hasbeen.

I know we went our separate ways,
maybe we'll meet again someday,
but only if it goes down that way,
you can bet your lucky stars I'm gonna say hurray

I'm doing my best not to acknowledge you,
but I still can't stop thinking bout you,
I'm no average guy
I'm not so easy o defy
I'm still gonna try,
till I go down and die,
trying so hard to not cry.

So what you guys thinkĀ Question
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My Song Bout Love
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