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 kuriboh otk mighty divine creep

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PostSubject: kuriboh otk mighty divine creep   Sat Feb 15, 2014 12:02 am

[img][/img]this deck focus on kuriboh and summoning token. but i want to use it to summon obelisk too how can i?
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PostSubject: Re: kuriboh otk mighty divine creep   Mon Feb 17, 2014 1:06 am

Rather then saying that, use the photon tokens since kuriboh tokens can't be tributed for summons anyways. Uh... this is like the inversion of my Gandora Deck I'm trying to build lol. But I'd suggest instead of runnin the multiply cards you can use rainbow kuriboh since its a bit efficient and waboku as its a counter part. Also the first monarch trap monster would help you greatly since it can be counted as 2 tributed for any type in exchange for discarding 1 card. So discard rainbow kuriboh, and have monarch in the stand and have soul exchange rather then nightmare tokens. Battle mania also helps in this deck as it'll force your opponent to atk on the turn.

So think about this combo as well, have flute, battle mania, and transcendent wings set on your turn with your oppnent having atleast 3 monsters with 2500 atk each or more. end your turn, they start theirs, activate battle mania, forces them to attack this turn. They summon another monster and does watever to bring out a stronger one. W.e the case, then steps into battlephase activate flute to get winged kuriboh out and then flip up transcendant and special summon it. tribute it and boom xDD all done . lol
I see alot of drawing power though rather then trying to get obelisk out. O_O exodus would help too's, returns cards from the grave to deck and boom a tribute is ready to be recieved xDD have that with first monarch and you have 3 tributed when you make monarch a divine type. Or w.e you wanna tribute

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(Admin) CxRxIxMxSx0xN

(Admin) CxRxIxMxSx0xN

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PostSubject: Re: kuriboh otk mighty divine creep   Mon Feb 17, 2014 2:10 am

I'm Pretty Sure I Dueled The Gandora Deck Of Yurs For Yur Test The First Two Duels Were Outstanding But The Last One Showed Me That Yur Deck Needs Protection From Spell Effects.
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PostSubject: Re: kuriboh otk mighty divine creep   

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kuriboh otk mighty divine creep
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