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 Trap Monster Deck (Very first deck I made)

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PostSubject: Trap Monster Deck (Very first deck I made)   Mon Mar 10, 2014 4:58 pm

It won me alot of duels...although this is a modified version of my original deck. Basically the goal is to get tiki curse out on the field and destroy all ther monsters. Instead of using future visions you could also use clock tower which saves you from taking battle damage. While you have imperial custom out on the field....you are gonna take battle damage each time you kill someones monster. Clock tower usually prevents that. Uh...this deck is really flexible with flip monsters. I used brain jacker alot to take ther monsters and use it as my own. You can use uria or obelisk, although I used uria alot more at the time just because its a trap deck. Zoma the spirit is a VERY helpful card. Without imperial custom you can use tiki soul's effect to keep summoning zoma, attacking with him, and your opp takes damage equal to the monsters attack...this card combo with tiki soul and zoma has won me alot of duels also. Anti spell frag...stops spells, double snare is really good and im surprised its not commonly sided. Cardcar for free cards cause your not really gonna summon anything on YOUR turn...mostly on your opps turn. Blah blah...all that good stuf. Point is to wear down your opponent's monsters and finish them since imperial custom makes your cards pretty much invincible. Obelisk isn't totally needed, but is pretty useful. I think uria helps with more otks then obelisk since every card you have in your grave are traps. If your an otk person use uria...if your more for the wearing down your opponent use obelisk. Obelisk isn't the main card here...imperial custom and tiki curse is. Zoma is a major factor. Obelisk is basically a tool that can be used to wear down your opponent also. This is my first post...tell me if it was helpful or good or whatevs. Feel free to stare at the deck cause idrc...I like different decks now. Uh...good luck and feel free to give me suggestions or modify it.....
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(Admin-SL) #hailsanta
(Admin-SL) #hailsanta

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PostSubject: Re: Trap Monster Deck (Very first deck I made)   Mon Mar 10, 2014 5:04 pm

I would main the Uria, just because it's essentially the focal point of the deck.
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Trap Monster Deck (Very first deck I made)
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